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Quattromed III


Key Features

  • Easy-to-use & portable.
  • Place it in the office chair /car seat/sofa.
  • The massage heads are made of Jade stones.
  • Heating function enabled.
  • Gives a kneading massage experience.
  • Vibration ensures an all round massage.
  • Comes with adjustable massage functions.
  • Massage options for Full, Upper & Lower back.
  • Has an inbuilt Automatic function.
  • Massages sore, stiff & tense muscles.
  • Relaxes your muscles & refreshes you.
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Product Overview

Treat yourself and enjoy the soothing pleasant massage from the Quattromed III. Quattromed III is very versatile as you can place it in your office chair, your car seat or on your sofa at home.

The massage heads are made of Jade stones and have a heating function which works wonders for your muscles. These massage heads feel like hands and give you a kneading massage that will relax your muscles and refresh you. The vibration in the seat area ensures an all round massage.

Quattromed III has adjustable massage functions, which gives you the option to choose from a massage of the full back, the upper back or the lower back area. The demo program allows you to choose an automatic function that takes you through a lovely massage. Lean back and allow yourself to be pampered by a pleasant massage from the Quattromed III.



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