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Infraped II


Key Features


  • Applies reflexology massage technique.
  • Regenerates the foot muscles.
  • Designed ergonomically for foot soles.
  • Positively affects reflex zones of organs.
  • Harmonizes circulation & alleviates pain.
  • Comes with 3-adjustable intensity levels.
  • Soothes the tired & aching feet.
  • Infrared heat stimulates cell renewal.
  • Gives an optimal massage experience.






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Product Overview

The Infraped II invites you to a soothing and relaxing massage.It applies reflexology massage techniques at three adjustable intensity levels to soothe tired and aching feet, special nubs at the sole of your feet to massage the 27-foot reflex zones and infrared heat with a deep effect to stimulate the renewal of cells.

It is our feet that endure the most pressure throughout the day. Everyday,no matter if at the job,the gym or during our spare time they have to endure our whole body weight.Give your feet a little time-out.Reward your feet with the Infraped II. Foot Reflexology Massage; -regenerates the foot muscles -has a harmonizing effect on almost all body organs – Rotating Massage -activates lymphatic drainage and circulation.


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