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Eye Loop


Key Features

  • Uses an intelligent air-pressure control technology.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Simulates fingers/hands/palms massage.
  • Specifically adapts to your facial features.
  • Gives a relaxing eye and temple massage .
  • The vibration stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Eases tension and pressure on the eyes.
  • Reduces headaches & provides relaxing sleep.
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Product Overview

The human eye is one of the most important sensory organs and it is a very reliable indicator of our overall physical well being. Nowadays physical comfort is often seriously impaired by strenuous computer tasks, professional stress, sleep, and nutrient deficiency.

One can quickly see these burdens in our eyes.They lose their expression and appear tired and exhausted.We have numerous pressure points on the face and temples which in turn are connected to a respective area of the body, organ or muscle.

With the help of an intelligent air-pressure control technology, EyeLoop simulates a relaxing pressure massage with fingers, hands or palms exactly on these points.

Its ergonomic design specifically adapts to your facial features and gives a relaxing eye and temple massage at all times. The gentle vibration stimulates the blood circulation, eases the feeling of tension and pressure on the eyes, reduces headaches and provides relaxing sleep. EyeLoop – the ideal relaxation after a long day at work!

Technical Specifications:

Measurements (L X B X H): 22cm x 10cm x 8.6 cm

Measuremnt Controller: 18.4 cm x 3.6cm x 3.9 cm

Weight: 390 g

Rated Power: 4.5 W

Battery: 3 x 1.5 V AA

Adapter: DC 4.5 V, 1000mA




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